What is a Private DNS, and Why Should You Use it?

What is a Private DNS

The Domain Name System (DNS) is an integral part of translating a URL you enter into an IP address to get easily routed across networks and delivered in front of your screen. 

Businesses can keep their network more secure and ensure that only authorized users can access it by using a private DNS. Wrapping up, private DNS is a secured method of browsing online, facilitates extensive entry to a blocked website, and stops internet risks.

Why Should you Use it?

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What is a Private DNS in more detail? It is a great way to improve your online privacy and security. You can save your DNS queries private and control other third parties from breaching your data using a Private DNS. In addition, Private DNS can help you bypass censorship and access blocked websites.

The process for enabling private DNS varies depending on the device you’re using. To set up a working connection, first, configure your computer’s network settings and have access to an external third-party server that includes DoT or DoH functionality. 

There are a few benefits to using a private DNS server:

  • Better Access to the Internet

The importance of the Internet is unquestionable in all aspects of our lives. A private DNS facilitated the use of the Internet by memorizing in its servers all the IP addresses. 

  • Speed

Internet Speed is one of the critical features of DNS. It can offer high-speed connections to individuals and organizations, but most people who use it are businesses because they need faster speeds for their needs. Private DNS servers can be faster than public ones because they are not overloaded with requests worldwide. 

  • Security

When hackers attempt to hack your DNS server, they will be prevented from accessing any sensitive information on the network. Nonetheless, if you have a large company with many valuable acquisitions, you need to strengthen your security measures.

  • Privacy

Private DNS servers can provide you with more privacy than public ones because your ISP will not know which websites you visit.

  • Consistency
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Anytime the IP address of websites may change, you must update that information again. This can be a very repetitive and overwhelming task. A private DNS system regularly updates the IP addresses of its users, so it’s highly recommended for businesses to integrate that.

You should consider using a private DNS for a faster, better, more secure, and more personal way to browse the Internet.

Check and Validate the DNS

If you want to ensure that your DNS is protected, you can inspect and validate it. There are many online instruments you can utilize, and the process is called Domain Name System Security Extensions, or DNSSEC. 

There’s nothing wrong with proceeding with a double-check for encrypted DNS queries. DNSSEC integrates public-key encryption and digital signatures to ensure that the analysis of a DNS has not been compromised.

If the domain uses DNSSEC, you will see a green “Secure” status. If the domain is not using DNSSEC, you will see a red “Not Secure” status.


A DNS directs you to the URL you’re searching in the complex web of domains. A private DNS is essential for a safe and enjoyable online experience. 

A private DNS is a great way to improve your online privacy and security. Using a private DNS server can keep your DNS queries confidential and stop third-party organizations from tracking your online activity. 

In addition, private DNS servers are usually more reliable and faster than public DNS servers. Consider using a private DNS server if you’re aspiring to find an efficient method to improve your online privacy and security.

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