The Ultimate Guide to Prevent a Tailgating Attack

How to Prevent a Tailgating Attack There is no such thing as perfect security online as far as there’s possibility for a tailgating attack. Therefore, you have to learn about the various types of attacks that might risk your company for better protection.  What’s Social Engineering? Social engineering defines a comprehensive range of malicious digital […]

Top 5 Steps To Prepare Your Disaster Recovery Plan Checklist

A Disaster Recovery Plan is a plan that outlines the steps that a business will take in the event of significant trouble. A general outline of a Disaster Recovery Plan should include:  – Identification of potential areas where your business is most exposed to danger. – How you will manage these departments during the problem. […]

Must-Read Overview – Encapsulation Networking And Decapsulation

What is Encapsulation and Decapsulation Networking Aspiring to understand the differences and similarities between encapsulation and decapsulation in networking? Check this out! Encapsulation and decapsulation are two fundamental processes in networking. They transmit protected information in a network with different devices. These techniques also transfer data between multiple types of networks. What is encapsulation in […]