5 Main Differences Between MAC Address and IP Address

MAC Address vs. IP Address Overview MAC and IP addresses are unique identifiers of devices on a network.  MAC addresses are hard-coded physical addresses into a device’s network interface card, while IP addresses are numerical labels connected to a computer network.  This article will explore the five main differences between MAC and IP addresses. First […]

What is a Private DNS, and Why Should You Use it?

What is a Private DNS The Domain Name System (DNS) is an integral part of translating a URL you enter into an IP address to get easily routed across networks and delivered in front of your screen.  Businesses can keep their network more secure and ensure that only authorized users can access it by using […]

The Importance of Network Visibility

What’s network visibility in the first place? It enables businesses to see or detect the current state of all the activities online. It can be accomplished in various ways. These techniques include monitoring traffic and performance. Moreover, you can implement an intrusion detection systems, and helpful tools. These methods are different among businesses. In a […]

What is the Difference Between LAN and WAN

Main Differences Between LAN and WAN A blog article about the difference between LAN and WAN. Explanation of terms, outlining the primary differences between them. What is a LAN? A LAN is a small, closed network where devices are physically close to each other. It can be a single building or campus or span several […]

Top 5 Steps To Prepare Your Disaster Recovery Plan Checklist

A Disaster Recovery Plan is a plan that outlines the steps that a business will take in the event of significant trouble. A general outline of a Disaster Recovery Plan should include:  – Identification of potential areas where your business is most exposed to danger. – How you will manage these departments during the problem. […]

5 Reasons You Might Need IT Infrastructure Optimization Company

Your IT infrastructure should help your business thrive. In case that it is the opposite and that it represents an obstacle for growth, that is a clear sign that you’ll have to do something about it. Today’s market is challenging, and the competition is tough no…